Family Advocacy Program


FAP provides in-home services to stabilize families in crisis. Counselors and family members work to:

> Reduce out-of-home placements and facilitate out-of-home placement reunification
> Increase parent/child communication and coping skills
> Decrease truancy rates and acting-out behaviors

Services include:

  • Crisis intervention and management

  • In-home services

  • Role modeling

  • Supportive Counseling

  • Case management

  • Parenting skills

  • Bilingual staff

  • Family Support Services



Supervised Visitations

The Supervised Visitation program promotes the reunification of the family, specifically with biological children who have been placed outside of the home.  Program provides:

> Observation and feedback on family interactions during visitations
> Role modeling to increase the positive interaction between family members, including communication
> Transportation to reconnect children with the non-custodial parent
> Teaching coping skills

Services include:

  • Active listening

  • Bilingual Staff

  • Transportation



Family Support Services

FSS is a short-term counseling program. Counselors work with individuals & families setting goals and working together to review and adjust them.  When needed, individuals are referred to other social services or long-term counseling.

Services include:

  • Supportive counseling

  • Information and referral

  • Bilingual staff

  • Crisis intervention and management

  • Education

  • Case planning

  • Advocacy


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