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WomenRising helps over 10,000 individuals on an annual basis, most who have stories that are traumatic and heartbreaking, yet raw and inspiring. Long before controversies with celebrities like Ray Rice, and the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, WomenRising has been helping women and families through crisis situations to self-sufficiency.

Domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment are happening in your backyard. All throughout Hudson County, qualified women and men can’t find work. Families are filling homeless shelters because of domestic violence or a series of bad luck that was out of their control. Women and families are either fleeing their homes or forced to stay because of domestic violence and the fear that they have lost control of their own life. And when these horrifying situations occur, WomenRising is there for each and every one of the individuals experiencing them.

Donate today to ensure WomenRising can continue to be there to help when residents of Hudson County encounter these horrifying situations.