Women's History Month: Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey

In 1971, Erin Pizzey founded the first nationally and internationally recognized women’s shelter in Chiswick, London in the United Kingdom. Pizzey understood the horrors of domestic violence firsthand due to her experience with both an abusive mother and father.

She wrote many books regarding domestic violence, bringing attention to the issue when it was still widely considered a private matter, or, even worse, not a significant matter at all. Some of her books included, Scream Quietly or the Neighbours will hear, Prone to Violence, and The Emotional Terrorist and the Violence-Prone.

Pizzey is a very controversial figure in Women’s History, but nevertheless, she created a sanctuary that popularized and spread like wildfire to benefit women all over the world.

Four years after Ms. Pizzey founded the first women’s shelter, WomenRising founded our Battered Women's Program. It began as a volunteer effort to provide a safe haven for women to escape their abusers in 1975. Today, we are the state-designated provider for domestic violence services in Hudson County.