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As Twitter erupted with excitement and anger for who their favorite team picked from the NFL draft last night, WomenRising erupted with horror for the violence against women that is still evident in the nationally treasured sport.

A quick Twitter search for “NFL” will bring you to headlines like “Here are the five most questionable picks of the first round of the NFL draft.” or “NFL experts react to the #NYGiants three first-round picks!” yet, there is no significant mention of the Titans 19th overall pick Jeffery Simmons and his assault of a young woman in a fight with his sister.

It isn’t until you continue to scroll further that you are finally introduced to the second revealing of a threat of violence against women as well as the act of violence against a child. In the midst of all of the NFL Draft tweets, you will see a video of Mike Golic’s (Co-host of Golic and Wingo on ESPN Radio and ESPN 2) outrage for a native NFL player. Audio recordings of Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill were revealed where he is accused of hitting his 3-year-old son. Golic rightfully explained, “the two worst things you can do in life are, abuse a child and abuse a woman.”

The Chiefs announced late last night that Hill would not participate in team activities for the “foreseeable future.” However, according to The New York Times, this is not the first time that the Chiefs were aware of Hill’s deplorable behavior, “he was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2014 while he was at Oklahoma State, and he pleaded guilty to assaulting and choking Espinal, who was eight weeks pregnant at the time. He received three years’ probation.”

While all eyes are currently on the NFL, it is imperative that stories like this do not get lost in the shuffle. As Mike Golic went on to state, “at some point, draw the line and say enough is enough.” We agree.