Donations Needed

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The most relieving part of a survivor of domestic violence’s life is when they leave their abuser and are free of the domestic violence relationship. However, this can also be a very stressful time for the survivor. When a victim of domestic violence leaves their abuser, they often leave everything behind: their apartment, furniture, clothes, etc. So, when they are ready to get back on their feet, they are starting from scratch.

One of WomenRising’s clients is currently in that predicament. After thankfully leaving her abuser, this client is ready to begin her life again, abuse-free, but, she needs our help. She is in need of items to make her new apartment feel like home. Starting from scratch is never easy, whatever you can do to help make it a little less stressful would be much appreciated.

Items needed:

  • Bed and mattress for a mother

  • Kitchen set (small table + chairs)

  • Dresser/cabinet for mother and child

  • Small couch

  • T.V. + T.V. stand

  • Pillows and blankets (preferably new)

  • Decorations

  • Kitchen supplies

For further details or if you are interested in donating some items, please email