WomenRising Client Story

Please allow me to put a face and story behind the organization that you’ve heard so much about. I recently met a woman who shared her story of when she was pregnant and living with her mother who had a drinking problem and her brother who would frequently get physical with her. After the birth of her daughter, the brother’s behavior worsened and the police were called. The sergeant on site recognized the domestic abuse, the danger to the baby and the lack of anything besides diapers to her name. She recalls him saying, “I’m bringing you to people who are going to take care of you.”

When she came to WomenRising it was at the lowest point of her life. But she and her beautiful baby girl were now safe and had the support system they needed to begin to thrive. Her baby girl learned how to crawl and walk in WomenRising’s care and even celebrated her first Christmas with us. Rather than looking back on that Christmas with sadness, she thinks of it as a memory she’ll always cherish! When it was time to move on, WomenRising helped her find housing and furniture and she began attending job training sessions at our resource & employment center.

This past summer, this strong and resilient woman completed a training program conducted by WomenRising and was successfully certified and began employment at Newark Airport in one of the newly opened United Airlines Lounge. She deserves every little bit of happiness that she has in her life. Her daughter is full of spirit and is ready to take on the world because her mom is doing it right before her eyes.

Similar stories are happening throughout Hudson County community every day. Your support assures that WomenRising, Inc. is there for women and families in need. Now is your chance to take one minute to donate online or write a check and change someone’s life story.

Thank you for your care and support.